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Eggs By Ellah

About Ellah

Hello. I'm Ellah!

Having been born and raised on my family's West Swan egg farm I feel like I know a thing or two about eggs. However growing up on the farm I have had different opinions as to what the best uses of eggs are. As a toddler I loved helping my dad around the farm, building the sheds, feeding the chooks on the feed cart and collecting the eggs myself. As I got older I still helped collect the eggs, but thought it was more fun to have "egg fights" with my younger brother (which dad wasn’t at all impressed with) and now, that I have matured past the egg throwing years I am dedicated to raising happy healthy hens and producing delicious free range eggs.
I’m a new generation egg farmer, passionate about the care and welfare of my girls. My happy free range hens lay the freshest eggs, ensuring you receive perfect eggs every time.

We're moving to a bigger home!

Stay tuned
for more info
and photos.
Ellah x