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Eggs By Ellah

The Perfect Egg

What came first the chicken or the egg?

I’m still not sure of the answer to this question, but what I do know is that in order to produce the perfect egg it all starts with a chic.

We get our girls as day old chickens, all cute fluffy and small. They then stay in a barn so that we can control the climate and ensure that they are eating and drinking enough.


Once they are old enough, they move into their new homes in my free range paddock. Here they have a barn that provides them with food, water, nesting boxes and shelter from the elements.

They also have a big open paddock that allows them to roam freely, bask in the sun and scratch around in the dirt. They share the paddock with their “bodyguards” two gorgeous alpacas Leonardo and Pierro, who are always on the lookout.

My hens are fed a mix of grains and wheat (with no nasty additives), as well as whatever they dig up outside. Then at 20 weeks they will begin to lay delicious brown eggs, producing around 12 every 2 weeks.

On my farm we have combined the right mix to produce the perfect egg.

Happy healthy hens + freedom to roam + a little bit of love = The Perfect Egg

We're moving to a bigger home!

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Ellah x